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  • Figure “The Corpse Grinders” (Original Mix)

    Figure “The Corpse Grinders” (Original Mix)

    EDM Master-of-Horror, Figure is releasing the 3rd volume of his wildly popular Monsters series at his favorite time of year. The follow up to his chart-topping Monsters of Drumstep Vol 1 & 2 releases, this full-length LP mixes up a sub-slaughter potion of gruesome proportions as the essential EDM soundtrack for the Halloween season. Monsters Volume 3 is a set of 15 spooky tracks spanning the heavy electronic genres and including collaborations with Tommy Lee and Bare as well as remixes from the likes of J.Rabbit, Oscillator Z, Alex Sin, Dr. Ozi, and Phren […]

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  • Dirt Monkey “Little Soundbwoy” (VIP Mix) [Play Me]

    Dirt Monkey “Little Soundbwoy” (VIP Mix) [Play Me]

    It has been a minute since I last posted a free tune so, here is the Reggae influenced “Little Soundbwoy” VIP mix by Dirt Monkey. This tune will be sure to have all the ladies on the dance-floor grinding the trap bass. The original mix is one of a twelve track LP on Play Me Records titled “Turn Up The Ride” along side with Ishe. exclusively on Beatport. Buy “Turn Up The Ride”   Released by: Play Me Records Release/catalogue […]

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  • Birdy Nam Nam “Goin’ In” (Skrillex Goin’ Hard Mix) [Offical Video]

    Birdy Nam Nam “Goin’ In” (Skrillex Goin’ Hard Mix) [Offical Video]

    The funky electro group Birdy Nam Nam has a secret admirer and his name is Skrillex. The 2012 Grammy winning producer just released his “Goin’ Hard Mix” of Birdy Nam Nam’s original tune “Goin’ In” along with an official video. This tune will be apart of Birdy Nam Nam’s new “Jaded Future EP” on OWSLA on July 17th. I’m goin’ wild for the night fuck being polite Skrillex sshowcases his skills in his “Goin’ Hard Mix” with a slow Electro […]

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  • Subshock “Richter Scale EP” [Subhuman]

    Subshock “Richter Scale EP” [Subhuman]

    Did you feel that? That’s the sound of epic bass shattering the planet’s surface beneath you. Our latest Subhuman signing Subshock is here to lay waste to soundsystems worldwide with the Richter Scale EP – 4 tracks of relentless low end armageddon. “Bring The Bass” comes in two flavors – both 175bpm and 140bpm – and is an all out assault with grinding bass riffs and pounding subs. “Catch Me” intros with banging southern hip-hop that descends into a club […]

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  • Kush Arora feat. Mega Banton “Shake Sitten” (Kush Arora’s China White Mix)

    Kush Arora feat. Mega Banton “Shake Sitten” (Kush Arora’s China White Mix)

    Mega Banton and Kush Arora teamed up last year for a bashment single on Top Billing “Shake Sitten” on the Spanish Street Riddim. Kush lays down a doped up remix under his new China White alias for the late night and epic groovers. Hey Mama Shake It Shake It Released by: Top Billlin’ Release date: May 22, 2012 Follow Kush Arora Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • GRIM “Take & Fake EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    GRIM “Take & Fake EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Hailing from Spain, G.R.I.M. (Great Reaper Intelligent Monster) is a trio group formed by Emcy, Shade K & Adri Da Bass also known as Physical Bross. Their menacing beats stomp vigorously while renegade basslines twist out your mind! 5 huge killer beats on this EP as GRIM get things crackin’ with heavy Art! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR147 Release date: Jun 11, 2012 Follow GRIM: Facebook Soundcloud

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  • Foreign Beggars ft. Skrillex “Still Getting It” (VIP Mix)

    Foreign Beggars ft. Skrillex “Still Getting It” (VIP Mix)

    Since the beginning of Never Say Die two years ago they have been rolling out monster tracks from some of the biggest producers in Bass music including Dodge & Fuski, foreign Beggars, Zomboy, and Skrillex. They have become a force to be reckoned with and in celebration of their first compilation CD they are giving away a VIP mix of their smashing tune “Still Getting It” by Foreign Beggars featuring Skrillex. Download your copy, crank up your volumes, equalize your […]

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  • Sedge Warbler “Paranormal Ox Man” [Official Video]

    Sedge Warbler “Paranormal Ox Man” [Official Video]

    We are proud to bring the people new music and videos and today we have rarely seen video by glitch hop artists Dank & Disco aka Sedge Warbler. Filmed at a desert party full of Sesame St. characters, a tent town, and good vibes. If you are digging the video or the track be sure to leave a comment. Show these guys some love and watch this video.   Follow Sedge Warbler: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Wideboys “The Word” (Bass Remixes)

    Wideboys “The Word” (Bass Remixes)

    ‘The Word’ on the street is that Wideboys are back with a bang and a banger! Having come through the ranks of UK garage, bassline, house and electro with a slew of big releases, their broad array of influences and refusal to be pigeon holed has led them to the freer realms at the forefront of bass music. This open-minded attitude to their productions is in full evidence with ‘The Word’, the third release on their new flagship label World […]

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  • Nerd Rage “2012 Countdown to Oblivion Mix”

    Nerd Rage “2012 Countdown to Oblivion Mix”

    Nerd Rage finally got some free time from producing banging bass bombs to assemble an amazing mix for the fans. He empties a fully loaded 32 track banana clip into your dancing body. The mix starts off epic with Daft Punk’s Tron OST on into the madness that is Nerd Rage. If you are not into it right away mos def by track 4 DJ Boss “Hands Up” will get you bouncing around.   “Nerd Rage pounding those asses” TRACKLIST […]

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  • Captain Panic! “Space Jams Mix” [US Dubstep]

    Captain Panic! “Space Jams Mix” [US Dubstep]

    Eons ago, it was fortold that Captain PANIC, a being of great power, would breach the boundaries of the mortal realm. His task was to analyze any systematic corruption on the planet. It it was deemed beyond saving, Captain PANIC would re-originate the planet to cleanse it of corruption, killing all currently living organisms in the process. Upon reaching Earth, Captain PANIC was pleased with things such as oatmeal cookies and rootbeer. He almost seemed content with what he observed until […]

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  • Stepsonics “Future Technologies EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Stepsonics “Future Technologies EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Stepsonics of Belarus hammers out titanium beats at a rapid fire pace! His diverse and energetic production range spans from Dubstep, Electro, Moombah, Drumstep and more! On the Future Technologies EP, Stepsonics showcases 2 gritty, filthy, dirty Dubstep grinders that will melt your ear drums! Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings Release/catalogue number: HAR107 Release date: Jan 9, 2012

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  • US Dubstep Mix Series: Dynoma

    US Dubstep Mix Series: Dynoma

    Long Beach’s latest and most enterprising artist is Silas Sao who devastates audiences under the name Dynoma. The 26-year-old bass merchant removed from Honolulu, Hawaii is owner and operator of his own label and the fashion outlet, Badman Clothing. Playing dual roles as DJ and Web Developer at Filth.FM, Sao also maintains other iconic dubstep destinations like US Dubstep and Bassclash Records. As the latest staff addition to BWOMP! Los Angeles, Sao aims to build upon the success he found […]

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  • LIVE vol.04: Figure + Dirty Talk

    LIVE vol.04: Figure + Dirty Talk

    Womp TV presents: LIVE vol.04 In our latest installment of our LIVE webisode series we feature Dirty Talk + Figure two of Play Me Records biggest players. This all went down this past summer at LA Beatdown and you even may see some footage from Figure + Whiskey Pete‘s Official Video for “Cut Throat” on Heavy Artillery since they filmed parts of the video at the event. Be sure to subscribe if you like what you see there is plenty […]

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  • Document One “Tainted Dub” [Buygore]

    Document One “Tainted Dub” [Buygore]

    Since their debut performance in early 2009, Document One, a duo comprised of producers Matt King and Joe Froud has risen rapidly to become a serious force within the fast developing Dubstep scene. They have received huge support from such heavy weights of the genre as Borgore, Bar 9, Excision and Datsik to name just a few. “as Filthy as it comes, Phasing wobbles stretching the stereo limit and modulations that’ll make you throw up” – Tomba The pair’s production […]

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  • Redi Speed “Sans Pants” (Thank You vol.02)

    Redi Speed “Sans Pants” (Thank You vol.02)

    This is a thank you to all the fans who have put the Play Me Records facebook page to over 10k fans and who voted Reid Speed America’s #35 best DJ please enjoy this set of super melodic, vocal, deep hard bass music with varied tempos from 140 to 110 and back again… you might find it a little bit girly, cuz ITS A NO PANTS PARTY! TRACKLIST: 1. Kaskade- Raining (AFK & Zach Witts Remix) 2. Exponaut- E621(Circus) 3. […]

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  • FS “Touch O Klass” (VIP Mix) [Play Me]

    FS “Touch O Klass” (VIP Mix) [Play Me]

    The OG Bass Monster FS is giving away a VIP mix of his chart topping tune “Touch O Klass”. If you had the opportunity to experience the Beatort & Play Me Records Bass Monster Tour this is the version that he plays. Now you too can have it for your own sets and feel like a VIP! This mix has some added vocals into from Lee Scratch Perry and The Ragga Twins to sprinkle that extra flavor in your ears. […]

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  • Sonic Summer Sessions: Fliphead [Exclusive]

    Sonic Summer Sessions: Fliphead [Exclusive]

    It is August so you know that this is the strongest month of the Summer because it is the last but don’t trip we here at Womp TV got yall covered with another Sonic Summer Sessions featuring my brother from another mother the Pacific Pimp, FlipHead! He is a vet in the game and is currently bumping basslines with the Wobble Crew in Tokyo, Japan. FlipHead evolved his sound as he traveled to live in other countries spreading the gospel of […]

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  • Cyberoptics “Geisha” (Total Recall Remix) [Free Tune]

    Cyberoptics “Geisha” (Total Recall Remix) [Free Tune]

    Our homies in South Carolina put together an amazing remix of Cyberoptics‘ “Geisha” on Play Me Records and you know what it is FREE! Total Recall‘s remix is as huge as the original tune with throbbing basslines that will make your head swell until it explodes. You can also catch this tune in out new “Sonic Summer Sessions” mix by Total Recall along with many other VIP’s. Be sure to come out on July 8th because Total Recall will be […]

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    Smash Gordon smashed it HARD with this insane BASS music mix released on Buygore. This is one of the hottest Dubstep mixes out right now so be sure to get your free copy today. Full mix now available for download check out : getyoursmashon.com enjoy the hip hop mixtape parody artwork 10,000 plays in just a few days on Buygore now uploaded here as well. TRACK LIST : SAVIOUR OF THE UNIVERSE INTRO END OF DAYS – ZARDONIC & NUMBERNIN6 […]

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  • Caligula “The Corruption Mix” [Free Mix]

    Caligula “The Corruption Mix” [Free Mix]

    The duo Caligula out of Miami with releases on The Overthrow released their “The Corruption Mix” today and its is full of disgusting obscene rotten bassline bounce. If you are not already corrupted by bass you mos def will be after listening to this bass tainted mix. I wish there were a playlist of the tunes but other than that this mix is an instant classic for your Dubstep collection. Show Me Tour Dirty Face! The Corruption Mix   Artist: […]

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