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  • Divine Elements “The Ascent” (Official Video)

    Divine Elements “The Ascent” (Official Video)

    Divine Elements comes correct with their latest single and music video “The Ascent” out now on Play Me Records. “The Ascent” starts off as a heavy stomper with a melodic piano lead to ease you into the monstrous bass. For Play Me updates and future releases, be sure to follow us at: – Facebook: www.facebook.com/playmerecords – Twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/playmerecords – Soundcloud: @playmerecords Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords Artist Links: www.facebook.com/divineelementslive www.soundcloud.com/divineelements

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  • Needle Sharing “Give Me The Money, I’ll Be Right Back” [Official Video]

    Needle Sharing “Give Me The Money, I’ll Be Right Back” [Official Video]

    10 years after “Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred”, Needle Sharing comes back to Ad Noiseam for a new threeway collaborative project, this time pairing up with the renowned breakcore furies that are Enduser and The Teknoist. Three sound-pools, nine tracks, and three different ways to approach hard drum’n’bass, hardcore and breakcore: this new association gives birth an album which, however mercilessly hard and pounding it might be, also impresses by its diversity and the care given to its details it communicates. A long awaited, very welcome and […]

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  • Skrillex + Damian Marley “Make It Bun Dem” [Official Video]

    Skrillex + Damian Marley “Make It Bun Dem” [Official Video]

    I know I am extremely late on posting Srillex & Damien Marley’s video for “Make It Bun Dem” but, it is better late than never right. Ever since I started my new full-time job at NBCUniversal I do not have the same amount of time to dedicate to writing and posting new releases, music videos, and so on.  It may sound like I am making excuses and maybe I am a little because it is hard to get back into the flow once you […]

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  • Touchphonics “Destroy All Lines” [Official Video]

    Touchphonics “Destroy All Lines” [Official Video]

    Keeping true to his Hip Hop roots and showcasing real turntable skills Touchphonics’ “Destroy All Lines” reminds me of when i would watch Q-bert’s legendary  Turntable TV back in the 90′s on public access at midnight. Although the video is rough and samples a lot of VHS looking footage I find it  tasteful since the track has samples from the cult classic Fab 5 Freddy film “Wild Style” where the title originated from in addition to the analog appeal of his […]

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  • S.P.Y. feat. Ian Shaw “What The Future Holds” [Official Video]

    S.P.Y. feat. Ian Shaw “What The Future Holds” [Official Video]

    Since releasing his first ever tune on Med School in 2006, S.P.Y has been the name on everyone’s lips. With previous releases on Innerground, Spearhead, Critical and Metalheadz, to name but a few, S.P.Y signed exclusively to Hospital at the start of 2012, bringing in the deeper, darker sounds of the underground and keeping things fresh with his unique, sub-genre spanning music. This year alone he has impressed with the “Love & Hate EP” and vinyl-only release “Future Tense feat. […]

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  • Trolley Snatcha “Disco Stick Rock & Roll” [Official Video]

    Trolley Snatcha “Disco Stick Rock & Roll” [Official Video]

    When faced painted marauders engage in an intense battle of combat-like dance moves, the room starts to bounce. The intensity is exponentially magnified by heavy bass present throughout “Disco Stick Rock & Roll”. The energy and pacing radiates the attributes that a conventional dubbstep song should. Download the EP for free at http://www.scionav.com/trolleysnatcha Follow Trolley Snatcha Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Video by The MoonRunners www.themoonrunners.com

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  • Bare “Altitude” [Official Video]

    Bare “Altitude” [Official Video]

    With Bare comes an assurance: perpetual uncertainty. Using an unorthodox fashion of production, Bare utilizes keen samples while also integrating heavy amounts of head throbbing bass in order to create what the dubstep world would label: a banger. However, Bare does not stop there. A true showman must not only be confident in his product, but also on how it is presented. With an emphasis on mob mentality with a hint of chaos, Bare gets the crowd going by showcasing […]

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  • Touchphonics ft. Alex Lee “A Million Pieces” [Offical Video]

    Touchphonics ft. Alex Lee “A Million Pieces” [Offical Video]

    Artist: Touchphonics Song: A Million Pieces (feat. Alex Lee of Le VICE) Album: Destroy All Lines Video: Carmen Osterlye Label: Elevated Press Buy the single here: -Beatport- http://www.beatport.com/track/a-million-pieces-feat-alex-lee-of-le-vice-origi… -iTunes- http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/million-pieces-feat.-alex/id538599894 -Juno- http://www.junodownload.com/products/a-million-pieces/1994033-02/ This song will appear on the full-length Touchphonics album “Destroy All Lines” dropping September 25th 2012 on Elevated Press. Follow Touchphonics Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Follow Le VICE Facebook Twitter  

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  • Lynx + Hellrazor ft. Naomi Pryor “Locked On The Low” [Official Video]

    Lynx + Hellrazor ft. Naomi Pryor “Locked On The Low” [Official Video]

    With a well-deserved break after the ‘Devil’s in the Detail’ album, Lynx returns with a fresh take on his sound. Locked on the Low is an exciting and daring collaboration with Sydney based singer songwriter, Naomi Pryor, whose voice has been compared to the amazing Sinead o’Connor & Kate Bush. The collaboration has stepped Lynx out of his normal position as a groundbreaking Drum and Bass artist, and gives a glimpse of the future – breaking down the boundaries of […]

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  • Subscape “Kick The Flow (W.I.N.D.)” [Official Video]

    Subscape “Kick The Flow (W.I.N.D.)” [Official Video]

    Returning to Dub Police for the first time since his acclaimed ‘Universal’ EP last year, Subscape is once again making himself heard with his latest project, a unique sonic articulation of the four elements, wind, water, fire and earth. The ‘Elements’ EP will come out as four separate releases, each accompanied by a special video tying in with the element that they are representing. A unique concept for both the artist and the label, this dynamic four part journey demonstrates […]

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  • Calyx + TeeBee “Elevate This Sound” [Official Video]

    Calyx + TeeBee “Elevate This Sound” [Official Video]

    Available to pre-order now: http://bit.ly/RAMM120 Become a fan of Calyx & TeeBee: http://www.facebook.com/CalyxTeeBee Follow Calyx on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LarryCalyx Follow TeeBee on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DjTeeBee Calyx & TeeBee 1. Elevate This Sound (Original Mix) 2. Elevate This Sound (Radio Edit) 3. Hurting (Original Mix) 4. Elevate This Sound (Instrumental) 5. Hurting (Instrumental) Released on Ram Records: 13th August 2012 Production Company: Daruma Vision (http://www.darumavision.com) Video Producer: Leon Sherman Video Director: Taichi Kimura Cinematographers: Taichi Kimura, Matt Jarvis and Rufus Pinkerton Become a […]

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  • Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Tom Cane “Through The Night” [Official Video]

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Tom Cane “Through The Night” [Official Video]

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith present the video for their new single ‘Through The Night’ featuring vocalist Tom Cane. The video follows a tearaway couple on a last night on earth journey, directed by Tom Gallon from Rokkit and commissioned by John Moule. Available to pre-order now: http://bit.ly/ThroughTheNightiTunes Drumsound & Bassline Smith Facebook Twitter Twitter  

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  • Birdy Nam Nam “Goin’ In” (Skrillex Goin’ Hard Mix) [Offical Video]

    Birdy Nam Nam “Goin’ In” (Skrillex Goin’ Hard Mix) [Offical Video]

    The funky electro group Birdy Nam Nam has a secret admirer and his name is Skrillex. The 2012 Grammy winning producer just released his “Goin’ Hard Mix” of Birdy Nam Nam’s original tune “Goin’ In” along with an official video. This tune will be apart of Birdy Nam Nam’s new “Jaded Future EP” on OWSLA on July 17th. I’m goin’ wild for the night fuck being polite Skrillex sshowcases his skills in his “Goin’ Hard Mix” with a slow Electro […]

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  • Cato ft. Lucy Randell “Spotlight” [Official Video]

    Cato ft. Lucy Randell “Spotlight” [Official Video]

    Anthem alert!!! It’s time for Hatcha and N-Type’s mighty Sin City label to unleash one of the biggest dance floor smashers of recent months, a track that’s been devastating crowds the world over since the boys began dropping it in their DJ sets with maximum impact. Get ready for the rowdy sounds of Cato. Jumping hard into it with ‘Spotlight’, a straight up hands ahoy rinse out that’ll have them reaching for the rafters. Kicking off with a drawn out […]

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  • Concord Dawn ft. Thomas Oliver “These Prison Walls” [Official Video]

    Concord Dawn ft. Thomas Oliver “These Prison Walls” [Official Video]

    Hailing from New Zealand, the name Concord Dawn has been synonymous with some of the most exciting, hi-octane drum & bass since 1999. Now operating out of Vienna, Matt Harvey continues to push his brand of heavy rolling D&B across the world; regularly touring the US, Europe and Australasia there aren’t many bass fanatics who haven’t heard one of his full-on, trance and tech infused productions. Recording with a mix of both  analogue and digital equipment, the astonishing new album […]

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  • Loadstar “Passenger” [Official Video]

    Loadstar “Passenger” [Official Video]

    Release today is Loadstar’s official video for their new single “Passenger”. Oddly enough I was recently brainstorming for a music video I am producing and the artist wanted a space themed video as well and just like in “Passenger” my concept involved laser eyed Dinos and space ships but, no kids. ‘Passenger’ opens gently, with a euphoric and emotive intro, taking you by the hand and walking you gently to the drop. By the time the half-time Drumstep beats and […]

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  • Chae Hawk “Heartlock” [Official Video]

    Chae Hawk “Heartlock” [Official Video]

    Chae Hawk breaks through into the Dubstep scene hard with his “Dance Party For The Heavy Hearted” release “Heartlock”. This tune is a excellent infusion of brash basslines and bold lyrics creating the new American Grime. Not only is this a dope Music video but, the tune is free as well so, be sure to download your copy and go like Chae Hawk! And she lovin’ the way I’m living my life   Follow Chae Hawk Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Credits […]

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  • Technicolour & Komatic feat. Jayma “Stay” [Official Video]

    Technicolour & Komatic feat. Jayma “Stay” [Official Video]

    It’s Monday and we have a fresh new music video for you from Technicolour + Komatic featuring Jayma in “Stay”. Set up like a 1990′s style animation we travel through circuit boards, terminal,m and even giant Gundam heads. Available to buy now: http://ukf.me/LqHBDC Become a fan of Technicolour & Komatic: http://www.facebook.com/technicolourkomatic Follow Technicolour on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Technicolourism Follow Komatic on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Komaticmusic Released on Spearhead Records http://spearheadrecords.bigcartel.com

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  • Klaypex “Ready to Go” [Official Video]

    Klaypex “Ready to Go” [Official Video]

    There is something magnificently malevolent about bored children tormenting their grandparents for entertainment. This is exactly what happens in Klaypex’s new music video for their Summer anthem “Ready To Go”. The two litter terrors upload “Ready To Go” into Grandma’s hearing aid, which I had no idea was possible, and she freaks out destroying her kitchen. Meanwhile, the deliciously evil-looking little girl torments her grandfather with an old Victorian phonograph bumping Klaypex’s “Ready To Go” causing him to convulse and […]

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  • SIRsir vs Beeshop “Suicide Girl” [Official Video]

    SIRsir vs Beeshop “Suicide Girl” [Official Video]

    Lucas Silveira, AKA Sao Paulo based producer SIRsir AKA singer songwriter Beeshop, has quickly established himself in both the EDM and acoustic worlds. With scant regard for genres, his unique sound fuses together his individual set of influences into something completely his own. Here he plays the two projects off against each other to create a track that is a flurry of juxtapositions and as powerful as it is moving. Opening on a bed of soft synths and smooth arpeggios, […]

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  • InsideInfo ft. Sw@t “Bottled” [Official Video]

    InsideInfo ft. Sw@t “Bottled” [Official Video]

    From the fringe of the Neurofunk sound InsideInfo  frays the competition with sultry sonics. InsideInfo’s new seven track “Grow EP” on Viper Recordings is now accompanied by an official video. “Bottled” featuring DJ Sw@t on the vocals and the star of the music video un-bottles her blah all over the floor and walls. Be sure to check out the full EP as well. Label: Viper Recordings Cat. VPR045 Released: 28th May 2012 Buy: https://viperrecordings.databeats.com/download/vpr045 Follow InsideInfo: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Follow […]

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