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  • Nostalgia + Aami ft. Insomnia “Bad Machine” [Music Video]

    Nostalgia + Aami ft. Insomnia “Bad Machine” [Music Video]

    Motiongraff is at it again with another Play Me records stop motion animation and coincidentally another Nostalgia track. “Bad Machine” is a collaboration with Aami featuring Insomnia and is Play Me Records 71st release. I love Motiongraff’s stop motion work they do it all the time and you can see their skill developing more and more as they explore with different objects to animate. In “Bad Machine” they play with old robot toys, clay, and random electronic parts to create […]

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  • RealTalk + Symbiotic “Rough & Rugged” [Play Me]

    RealTalk + Symbiotic “Rough & Rugged” [Play Me]

    I am happy to present a new freebie from Play Me Records for all the “Rough N Rugged Mother Fuckers out there“! This collaboration track between RealTalk and Symbiotic grimier than the LA soot which builds up on your care after a year of not washing. The assaulting bassline attacks your eardrums relentlessly with a brief pause to remind you who it’s for. Released by: Play Me Records  Release/catalogue number: PLAY ME FREE Release date: Sep 11, 2012 Follow RealTalk Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  Follow Symbiotic […]

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  • Tim Ismag “Club On Fire” (VIP)

    Tim Ismag “Club On Fire” (VIP)

    The arsonist of Dubstep Tim Ismag is setting dance-floors on fire and melting the soles of your shoes with his new free track “Club On Fire”. WIth releases on some of the biggest Dubstep Labels such as Play Me Records, Rottun Records, and Ultragore Records Tim Ismag shows no sign of extinguishing his inner flame. In four days his “Bam! EP” will be dropping four more lave hot tracks to melt your face off.   Follow Tim Ismag Facebook Twitter […]

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  • Naughty By Nature “O.P.P.” (TBMA Remix)

    Naughty By Nature “O.P.P.” (TBMA Remix)

    Are you down with O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature was one of the first CD’s I ever purchased way back in the day at the Warehouse when CD’s were first available as a music format. I always enjoy a great gritty Hip Hop remix and TBMA’s (The Bolivian Marching Affair) is a great one and released under Los Angeles’ own Play Me Records for free. I am sure this tune will rock dance floors across the country and get some […]

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  • Cyberoptics “Cursed”

    Cyberoptics “Cursed”

    I present to you an outside the ordinary heavy robotic Cyberoptics style tune but, rather a more traditional Dubstep track. “Cursed” is a journey through a dark deep dungeon in search for a witch to break a demonizing curse which is the now mainstream tactile robotic sound. I am glad to know Cyberoptics is still young in the game and able to expand his range and break his boundaries unlike so many others.   Follow Cyberoptics Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Tony Anthem + Axl Ender VS Erb n Dub “Rise EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Tony Anthem + Axl Ender VS Erb n Dub “Rise EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Tony Anthem and Axl ender have been in the game for years and are no strangers to chart topping success! With several top 10 bangers in Beatport, Trackitdown and Juno charts, remixing UK chart topper Dj Fresh, and releases on Rottun, Play Me, Rat Records, Sludge and a slew of other big labels these guys are a force to be reckoned with. Erb N Dub’s name is synonymous with killer dancefloor anthems! He has worked with some of the biggest […]

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  • Devin Martin “Mad Maestro” [Play Me]

    Devin Martin “Mad Maestro” [Play Me]

    Here is a wild Electro step party tune from Devin Martin for free to promote his new EP “Im On Fire” on Play Me Records. If “Mad Maestro” is any indication of the rest of the EP then its is most definitely one for your collection. https://www.facebook.com/devinmartindj https://www.facebook.com/PlayMeRecords Released by: Play Me Records  Release/catalogue number: PLAY054 Release date: Dec 16, 2012

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  • Dark Elixir “No More Tomorrows” [Play Me]

    Dark Elixir “No More Tomorrows” [Play Me]

    our bud from the UK, Dark Elixir, made this for a remix comp. We have no idea why he didnt win but think his remix was the best, and we wanted you to share the fun. Here it is for FREE DOWNLOAD! The original is Tom Geiss ft Max C.     like this? connect with Dark Elixir on social networks: Twitter Facebook Soundcloud Youtube   Released by: Play Me Records Release date: Dec 12, 2011

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  • Drop Goblin “Make Yur Head Bounce” [Play Me]

    Drop Goblin “Make Yur Head Bounce” [Play Me]

    Here is a fun party track loaded with Hip Hop samples and rubbery basslines. Drop Goblin‘s “Make Yur Head Bounce” is another amazing freebie from Play Me Records that commands Play Me time at any party. It fills your body full of energy and will shock those around you and anything you touch. www.Soundcloud.com/DropGoblin www.facebook.com/DropGoblin www.Twitter.com/DropGoblin www.DropGoblin.com Released by: Play Me Records Release date: Dec 2, 2011

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  • FS “Superman Punch” [Play Me]

    FS “Superman Punch” [Play Me]

    Fresh off the Bass Monster tour, Play Me badman FS presents a teaser FREEBIE for his new single “Get Up Ninja/ Money All Day”, which is in itself a teaser for his upcoming album entitled “THE 1 FS”. Dropping Feb 6th on Play Me, it will feature collaborations with Rahzel from the Roots, Calvertron, Reid Speed, Terravita, Cyberoptics and more. Prepare to be knocked out! Released by: Play Me Records Release/catalogue number: PLAY052FREEBIE Release date: Nov 10, 2011

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  • Dirty Talk feat. Kalliah Jackson “Go” [Play Me]

    Dirty Talk feat. Kalliah Jackson “Go” [Play Me]

    Dirty Talk just dropped their first self titled EP on Play Me Too a few days ago and I am sure you have already bought yours and if not go get it here. This is the last tune to complete the EP and it is a freebie featuring the vocals of Kaliah Jackson. Keep it locked on Womp TV for our next webisode of LIVE featuring Dirty Talk + Figure! Go Released by: Play Me Records Release/catalogue number: PLAYTOO021 Release […]

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  • Alexander Rosson “Timeout Sessions 05″ [Play Me]

    Alexander Rosson “Timeout Sessions 05″ [Play Me]

    The other half of Play Me Records Alexander Rosson brings us his latest installment of his “Timeout Sessions” volume 05 Drum & Bass mix. He recently played Los Angeles’ longelst running Drum & Bass event Respect with his soothing minimal basslines. Alexander Rosson original minimal style is a rare gem in the American Drum & Bass scene with only 1 oherr DJ that i can think of with a similar style would be Sinistarr from Detroit who helped pioneer the […]

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  • Respect: Reid Speed [Regal D]

    Respect: Reid Speed [Regal D]

    Thursday night D&B in effect on time and on schedule!!!!! Ladies night got it poppin’ on that “I’m glad I came out to RESPECT tonight” level!!!!!! Super special shout out to all the ladies in attendance for this one!!!!!!! Heavyweight selectah biz droppin’ bombs on this night. Big up MC T A L I ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! with the special appearance activity. Bringin’ all the heads out to get down for the session!!!!! REID SPEED!!!!!!! […]

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  • We Bang “Tie Fighter” (We Bang Harty Parder Remix)

    We Bang “Tie Fighter” (We Bang Harty Parder Remix)

    Hey everyone here is We Bang‘s remix of “Tie Fighter” entry for the Play Me Records + Cyberoptics Remix Competition. As of now I have only heard one other entry from Natty Freq which is also a banger. The competition is still open to everyone and Play Me is still receiving submissions. So be sure to download the samples and submit yours. Tie Fighter (We Bang Harty Parder Remix)

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  • Redi Speed “Sans Pants” (Thank You vol.02)

    Redi Speed “Sans Pants” (Thank You vol.02)

    This is a thank you to all the fans who have put the Play Me Records facebook page to over 10k fans and who voted Reid Speed America’s #35 best DJ please enjoy this set of super melodic, vocal, deep hard bass music with varied tempos from 140 to 110 and back again… you might find it a little bit girly, cuz ITS A NO PANTS PARTY! TRACKLIST: 1. Kaskade- Raining (AFK & Zach Witts Remix) 2. Exponaut- E621(Circus) 3. […]

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  • Dirt Monkey & Curious MC “Public Nuisance” [Official Video]

    Dirt Monkey & Curious MC “Public Nuisance” [Official Video]

    Dirt Monkey of Play Me Records and Curious MC of Urban Aboriginee have a new video for for their track “Public Nuisance”. I always new Dirt Monkey had some Hip Hop in him just by listening to his sound and after seeing this collaboration with Curious MC it just confirmed my suspiciI am always happy to seeMusic Video from American Bass Artists since there are far too few. With Dirt Monkey‘s latest EP “Peanut Butter & Jelly” on Play Me […]

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  • Dirt Monkey “Imperial March” [PLAY ME FREEBIE]

    Dirt Monkey “Imperial March” [PLAY ME FREEBIE]

    Who loves Star Wars? I know I do and I also love Dirt Monkey‘s bootleg of the “Imperial March” theme. This is a huge tune that is now available for free download in support of his new Peanut Butter & Jelly EP release on Play Me Records. The bassline line on this bootleg is monstrously sinister. Going back and forth from a filthy dubstep tempo to a classice Jungle tempo this tune has it all. designed to tickle and titillate […]

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  • Play Me Records Cyberoptics Remix Competition

    Play Me Records Cyberoptics Remix Competition

    Play Me Records is proud to announce a remix competition for Cyberoptics‘ masterpiece “Tie Fighter”. In this set you will find all the stems you need to create your own remix. PLEASE BE CREATIVE and MAKE IT SOUND GOOD! Feel free to try out different tempos but keep the bass heavy…Cyberoptics and Play Me will be selecting the winner, whose remix will be released on one of Play Me Records labels. All submissions must be shared privately to our  SOUNCLOUD […]

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  • Cyberoptics “Megatron Vomit 4″

    Cyberoptics “Megatron Vomit 4″

    Cyberoptics released the forth installment of his “Megatron Vomit” dubstep mix in honor of his 10,000 fans supporting his music. You can currently catch him on tour with Play Me Records and & Beatport’s Bass Monsters Tour with Reid Speed and FS. If you have not had the opportunity to you can watch what you have been missing with all of our various video coverage of the tour in different cities. Megatron Vomit 4 mix will give you a taste […]

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    Level 10 Productions hosted the Play Me Records and Beatport Bass Monster Tour with the Queen of Bass Reid Speed, The Legendary FS, and Cyberpony aka Cyberoptics. in Fresno, California and as you can see months into the tour the Bass Monster are still smashing up your town. If you have not been to one of the Bass Monster Tour parties yet i do not know what you are waiting for unless you live in the cuts somewhere but then […]

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  • We Bang “The Future”

    We Bang “The Future”

    The last time i saw We Bang we were at Play Me‘s Westside Riders Party in Santa Monica and I got Cyberoptics, Total Recall, We Bang , myself kicked out the spot for smoking a bowl in the club, good times. We Bang is coming correct with his newest free tune “The Future”. This is a mellow Dubstep tune that breaks down into Drumstep. I believe the sample is from Terminator and it reflects the dark tones of the tune. […]

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