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  • Dirt Monkey “The Dirt Monkey EP” [Play Me]

    Dirt Monkey “The Dirt Monkey EP” [Play Me]

    Here is a preview of Dirt Monkey‘s “The Dirt Monkey EP” on Play Me Records. This EP is a “Heavy Ammunition” “Peanut Butter” and “Jelly” sandwich. This is the second tune on Play Me that I’ve seen titled “Jelly”, the first by Vaski. Dirt Monkey’s is completely different and has its long time lover “Peanut Butter” to back it up. May Favorite tune on the EP is “Heavy Ammunition” which has Dirt Monkey‘s signature dirty south steez high hat bounce […]

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  • Dodge & Fuski “Killing Me” feat. Kezza [Official Video]

    Dodge & Fuski “Killing Me” feat. Kezza [Official Video]

    If you haven’t heard of Dodge & Fuski yet, you soon will as these guys are on the button. Since the beginning of 2011 the dubstep and drumstep duo racked up over 1.5 million views on Youtube and been championed by Radio 1, 1 Xtra and the world’s leading YouTube dubstep channel UKF. Describing themselves as self-confessed “Westcountry layabouts who drink too much tea” the Bristol duo are anything but. Following a string of successful releases on New State, Sludge, […]

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  • Nostalgia “The Hero” (Bratkilla Remix)

    Nostalgia “The Hero” (Bratkilla Remix)

    Abducted Records head honcho is about to unleash HELL ON EARTH! This album has been in the works for several months and we have been waiting for just the right moment to drop it on the world! 16 SMASHING tunes that will devastate any dance floor within a 2 planet radius. Plus as an added bonus, Bratkilla was kind enough to throw in his remix of Nostalgia – The Hero. BOOMSHACKALACKA, it doesn’t get much better then this people! Check […]

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  • FS “Touch O Klass” (VIP Mix) [Play Me]

    FS “Touch O Klass” (VIP Mix) [Play Me]

    The OG Bass Monster FS is giving away a VIP mix of his chart topping tune “Touch O Klass”. If you had the opportunity to experience the Beatort & Play Me Records Bass Monster Tour this is the version that he plays. Now you too can have it for your own sets and feel like a VIP! This mix has some added vocals into from Lee Scratch Perry and The Ragga Twins to sprinkle that extra flavor in your ears. […]

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  • Nicki Minaj “Did It On Em” (Gein Remix) [Play Me]

    Nicki Minaj “Did It On Em” (Gein Remix) [Play Me]

    It’s been a while since we posted any Play Me tunes well we got one for all of you and the best part of all it is FREE!. To support GEIN‘s new Explicit EP  on Play Me is giving away a free remix of Nicki Minaj‘s tune “Did It On EM”. This is a dope Hip Hop vibe that will have your hands up in the air bouncing in the clubspilling your drink all over the place. GEIN is back in […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Ajapai | Mark Instinct | BARE [Photos]

    LA Beatdown: Ajapai | Mark Instinct | BARE [Photos]

    LA Beatdown!!!!!!! Bass Dynasty crew in effect making sure you’ll never forget those big rhythmz, and that BIG BASS!!!!!!!! AJAPAI!!!!!! beatin you down with that Ridiculous BASS!!!!!! -Regal D

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  • LIVE vol.03 | Reid Speed | FS | Cyberoptics

    LIVE vol.03 | Reid Speed | FS | Cyberoptics

    Womp TV presents: LIVE vol.03 In this episode of LIVE we covered the Play Me Records & Beatport BASS MONSTER TOUR featuring Reid Speed, FS ,and Cyberoptics LA Beatdown in Hollywood, Ca. Sit down in your chair, crank up the volume, turn up the bass, and listen to the sounds of Play Me Records while your eyes melt to the visuals of Womp TV. Be sure to subscribe if you like what you see there is plenty more to come. […]

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  • Level 10: Datsik | John Beaver | Minnesota | Gunner [Video]

    Level 10: Datsik | John Beaver | Minnesota | Gunner [Video]

    Level 10 and Art Became Culture bring you this amazing video of Datsik headlining a party in Fresno, Ca along with John Beaver, Minnesota, and Gunner. Majority of the video is shot in slow motion which i love because it really accentuates the intensity of the party. Fresno really loves their Dubstep. Level 10 seems to be the ones running he BASS is Fresno and will be hosting the Play Me and Beatport Bass Monster Tour. If you are is […]

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  • Vital SC: Audible Assault [Video]

    Vital SC: Audible Assault [Video]

    Jon Zombie is at it again and this time it is at VitalSC ‘s Audible Assault. The line up for this show is out of control featuring American All-Stars 12th Planet & Kill The Noise. Also in the line up Liquid Stranger with the Swedish swag. All filmed at The Factory in San Francisco Jon Zombie captures the amazing night full of heavy bass and booby grabbing.     Audible Assault 2011 Presented by VitalSC Filmed live on 6.4.11 at […]

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  • Figure & Kanji Kinetic “Frankenstein” [Free]

    Figure & Kanji Kinetic “Frankenstein” [Free]

    The last piece of the Monster puzzle “Frankenstein” the original mix is now available for free download. Figure’s “Monsters of Drumstep EP” released on Play Me 2 was a massive hit when it dropped a few months back. This EP of monsters is a great concept for a Drumstep EP and each one is true to its distinct character. I am shocked to see the whole EP or various versions of the original mixes are now available for free downloads […]

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  • SLUGGO | Unreleased!

    SLUGGO | Unreleased!

    Promo of Sluggo…all the video i have of him compiled and edited into this video, enjoy! Hometown: Phoenix Record Label: Ultragore, SubHuman, Play ME facebook.com/​slugstep Featured Artists: -Skrillex -Downlink -Bare -Borgore -Flinch -Mark Instinct -JPaul from HavocNdeed -Terravita -We Bang -Risky Business -Klepto Maddox all booking inquiries, please contact Mike Puliz: mike@circle-management.com aim: detn8orevents Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • BARE “Rocks VIP” [Free Tune]

    BARE “Rocks VIP” [Free Tune]

    In celebration of BARE‘s 10,000 likes on his Facebook Fan page he released a freet une for all his fans. “Rocks VIP” is a classic BARE tune sampling Hip Hop pioneer and legend, Eazy E. BARE has been serving up hard beats in the Dubstep scene for some time now and after EDC in Vegas this past weekend I believe he has solidified his stature in the American Scene. The only place for him to go now i overseas and […]

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  • LA Beatdown: Feed Me | Figure | Dirty Talk [Photos]

    LA Beatdown: Feed Me | Figure | Dirty Talk [Photos]

    Los Angeles. Ready to get that summertime BEAT & BASSLINE action in full swing!!!!!! BASS DYNASTY CREW more than happy to line you up, and BEAT U DOWN!!!!!!!!! LARGE activity goin’ in, and goin’ on for the late night/ early mornin’ steppa in YOU!!!!!!!! 1 year long, 1 year strong with no signs of slowin’ down in sight!!!! LA BEATDOWN!!!!!! F E E D M E!!!!!!! Cant wait….. well, a little bit. WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!! -Regal D

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  • Linkin Park feat. Chuck D “Wretches & Kings” (HavocNdeeD VIP) [Free Tune]

    Linkin Park feat. Chuck D “Wretches & Kings” (HavocNdeeD VIP) [Free Tune]

    I am glad this tune was leaked because now it has been officially released from the creators HavocNdeeD. Their VIP Remix  of Linkin Park‘s “Wretches & Kings” featuring master lyricist Chuck D is HUGE . The Phoenix and Vegas duo OB-One and JPaul aka HavocNdeeD are notorious for Hip Hop remixes and over all BASS brawlers. I wish more producers did Hip Hop remixes since it translates so well into Dubstep. Drumstep, Glitch whatever you want to call it it […]

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  • Cyberoptics “Geisha” (Total Recall Remix) [Free Tune]

    Cyberoptics “Geisha” (Total Recall Remix) [Free Tune]

    Our homies in South Carolina put together an amazing remix of Cyberoptics‘ “Geisha” on Play Me Records and you know what it is FREE! Total Recall‘s remix is as huge as the original tune with throbbing basslines that will make your head swell until it explodes. You can also catch this tune in out new “Sonic Summer Sessions” mix by Total Recall along with many other VIP’s. Be sure to come out on July 8th because Total Recall will be […]

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  • Dirt Monkey “Boss” (Bootleg remix) [Free Tune]

    Dirt Monkey “Boss” (Bootleg remix) [Free Tune]

    Play Me Records promoting their new release “Ishe & Dirt Monkey EP” with a free tune by mischievous Dirt Monkey. The filthy Dirty Monkey leads you in with a funky bounce luring you to follow him into a trap then he smashes your face into the dirt. You can hear the Hip Hop influences in his music with dark undertones, hard beats,and gangsta vocals brings Boss swinging swagger to the tune. Dirty Monkey is a suspect in several other face […]

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  • Netsky “Iron Heart” (FS Remix) [Free Tune]

    Netsky “Iron Heart” (FS Remix) [Free Tune]

    The one and only FS released a new remix of Netsky‘s “Iron Heart” today and is giving it away for free. Originally the tune was released on Hosiptal Records FS remix does not sound anything like the original but, is a great  tune and a must have for all Dubstep lovers. This is a melodic feel good heavy head nodder for a brilliant Sunday morning wake up tune. Artist: Netsky Remix: FS Track: Iron Heart  

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  • Respect: Jumping Jack Frost [5.12.11]

    Respect: Jumping Jack Frost [5.12.11]

    Thursday night D&B going down in LA with that true school Legendary polish on this night!!!!!!! The Junglist you haven’t seen inna looong time came out to show support for the artist in demand!!!! Loads of love in and all around the place for the session!!!!! That’s what the BASS can do to you!!!! BIG BDAY SHOUTS TO: SUBFLO!!!!!! It’s been a loooong time!!!!! Now he’s back with the Drums that make you sweat, and the Bass to raise the […]

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  • Figure “Monsters of Drumstep VIP” [Free Tunes]

    Figure “Monsters of Drumstep VIP” [Free Tunes]

    Bass banger Figure is giving away VIP edits from his Monsters of Drumstep on Play Me 2 for free, WTF! The first tune is Werewolf which was a limited free promo to hype up the EP release then it disappeared so, now is your second chance to get a copy of it. The next two tunes are from the Monsters of Dumstep EP Aliens and Zombies. If you didn’t already buy the EP these free VIP’s will convince you to. […]

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  • Halo Nova “Alien Crunk EP” [Betamorph]

    Halo Nova “Alien Crunk EP” [Betamorph]

    Another ambitious newcomer to the game with releases forthcoming on Ultragore & Play Me Halo Nova is a young 20 year old Dubstep producer out of Tampa, Florida. His latest release on Betamorph Recordings the “Alien Crunk EP” is a fully loaded 4 track EP. The self titled tune “Alien Crunk” is a mask-less piss drunk Predator on a 4 day crunk juice party binge at Ultra Music Week tune. Next in the chamber & my favorite tune of the […]

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  • BARE feat. Proe “Indica Sativa” [Free Tune]

    BARE feat. Proe “Indica Sativa” [Free Tune]

    “Indica Sativa” is BARE‘s second free tune in celebration of his 5000 likes on Facebook. This tune is a 420 anthem and will be rinsing this tune out everytime i blaze it up. “Maryjane I Never Leave Her” Indica Sativa Artist: BARE MC: Proe Track: Indica Sativa

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