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  • EPR 182 – Marquese Scott Live [Vizual Jockey]

    EPR 182 – Marquese Scott Live [Vizual Jockey]

    The homie Stephan Jeanpierre over at Vizual Jockey sent me his latest video from Electro Pop Rocks aka EPR 182 featuring the funk styles of Marquese Scott. I am sure most of you have already seen Marquese Scott with out even knowing about it.The video that set it off and put him in the for front of the Dubstep community was his “Pumped Up Kicks” video where he glides in slow motion to Dubstep.   EPR 182 – Marquese Scott, […]

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  • Skrillex “Ruffneck” (Full Flex) [Official Video]

    Skrillex “Ruffneck” (Full Flex) [Official Video]

    I know we are a bit late to post this video since I was on holiday in SF and disconnected myself from the internet while I got to hang with the family. Skrillex has come correct with another well produced music video from the Parisians HK corp who brought us “First of the Year” (Equinox) video and now “Ruffneck” (Full Flex). “Are You Ready for the Ruffneck Bass?” Good old Saint nick isn’t such a saint as he pops mad […]

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  • Dip Vertigo “Occupy This” [US Dubstep]

    Dip Vertigo “Occupy This” [US Dubstep]

    LA Beatdown‘s very own Dip Vertigo is back at it again bringing you his second dubstep mix OCCUPY THIS! Having been deep in production for the past year, this mix features 3 original tracks. Coming straight out of the gates Dip hits you with “You Know How I Play”, a collaboration with good friend and amazing producer, Obsidian. This operatic master piece, sung in Italian by Dip and Meliss FX, could be the first opera step ever produced and Dip […]

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  • The Mothership Tour Lands in Arizona

    The Mothership Tour Lands in Arizona

    Relentless Beats Presents: The Mothership Tour ft. Skrillex|12th Planet|Nadastrom|Two Fresh skrillex.com/ twitter.com/skrillex facebook.com/skrillex youtube.com/TheOfficialSkrillex facebook.com/12thplanet2012 facebook.com/twofreshbeats facebook.com/relentlessbeatsaz relentlessbeats.com Filmed by: Francis Lazaro, Paul Digges, Jeremy Johnson, DJ Rosson Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production LIKE US @ facebook.com/pheosiafilms

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  • Skream feat. Sam Frank “Anticipate” [Official Video]

    Skream feat. Sam Frank “Anticipate” [Official Video]

    This is the official video for Skream‘s tune “Anticipate” featuring the vocals of Sam Frank on Skrillex‘s label OWSLA. This liquid funk tune is for the massive stadium raves to echo through your skull. An alien with a Daft Punk’ style helmet lands in the block somewhere in London roaming the streets in wonder coming exploring  urban life while mimicking robotic movement. Representing the streets you have skaters, bikers, and bboys the alien battles them all before heading home. Music […]

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  • Feed Me Live at The Marquee

    Feed Me Live at The Marquee

    FEED ME LIVE @ THE MARQUEE big ups @ LIT LIGHTING Filmed & Edited: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production LIKE US @ facebook.com/pheosiafilms

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  • Korn feat.Skrillex & Kill The Noise “Narcissistic Cannibal” [Official Video]

    Korn feat.Skrillex & Kill The Noise “Narcissistic Cannibal” [Official Video]

    Legendary Korn is bridging the gap between their hardcore style with Dubstep by collaborating with Los Angeles’ own Skrillex and Kill The Noise in thier newest video for “Narcissistic Cannibal”, dope title could even be a name of a death metal band. With Korn‘s new album expected to release in early December every track on it is a collaboration with a notorious Dubstep producer including the likes of Excision, Datsik, Downlink, Noisia, and 12th Planet. I can not wait for […]

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  • Borgore – BBC 1xtra Daily Dose of Dubstep Mix

    Borgore – BBC 1xtra Daily Dose of Dubstep Mix

    You cant get any filthier than Borgore the head of Buygore. Recently he was the guest DJ on Mistajams “Daily Dose of Dubstep” and this is his live mix that he did on the air. If you had the opportunity to see him perform live you already know how filthy his shows are. Although this may not be a live stage presence it is still a filthy mix and capture s the essence of his performances. Be sure to check […]

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  • The Crystal Method “Play For Real” (Dirtyphonics Remix) [Official Video]

    The Crystal Method “Play For Real” (Dirtyphonics Remix) [Official Video]

    The Dirtyphonics are back with a video covering their recent summer tour across various countries/festivals with their brand new remix of Play For Real by The Crystal Method. With their incredible production level, a unique live PA recognized as one of the most energetic to be seen, an unstoppable way to innovate in several styles of bass music and a “best newcomers producers” award under their belt, Dirtyphonics is with no doubt one of the most exciting bands in today’s […]

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  • Korn feat. Skrillex “Get Up” [Official Video]

    Korn feat. Skrillex “Get Up” [Official Video]

    If you follow Dubstep I am sure you heard about the Korn + Skrillex rumor about a collaboration a while back. Well it was true and they made an offical video for the tune and its titles “Get Up”. You mos def hear Skrillex‘s influences in the tune but it also stays true to the Korn style. I was skeptic when i first heard about this collaboration and thought it would be just commercial B.S. cashing in on the Dubstep […]

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  • How To Dance To Dubstep [Mike Diva]

    How To Dance To Dubstep [Mike Diva]

    This is a hilarious spoof commercial for an instructional DVD set from TJ Lazer aka Mike Diva and crew about “How To Dance To Dubstep”. The graphics and effects are on point and highly stylized. I am sure you have sen some of these dance moves in real life at a party which makes it eve more ridiculous. My favorite is the “Early Bird” what is yours? Be sure to tell us by writing it in the comment box below. […]

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  • Porter Robinson “Spitfire” [Video]

    Porter Robinson “Spitfire” [Video]

    Yesterday I posted a At Dawn We Rage remix of Porter Robinson’s “The Seconds” and mentioned the his new “Spitfire EP” is going viral on the net. Well here is a professionally produced fan viral video for the tune “Spitfire”. This is an amazing video that could easily be an official video. It was shot on a high speed 1000fps Phanton Flex camera which I dream of shooting with one day. That is how the super slow motion effect is […]

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  • Porter Robinson  feat. Jano “The Seconds” (At Dawn We Rage Remix)

    Porter Robinson feat. Jano “The Seconds” (At Dawn We Rage Remix)

    Skrillex recently created his own music label OWSLA and its first release “Spitfire EP” from Porter Robinson is already viral. The same goes for this At Dawn We Rage remix of Porter’s tune “The Seconds” featuring the vocals of Jano. This is not your average Dubstep tune with wild wobbles and crshing basslines however it is steppy with an almost 4 to the floor beat with a slight break to it. This tune focuses more on the trancey melody and […]

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  • Rednek “I’m Not Skrillex” [Official Video]

    Rednek “I’m Not Skrillex” [Official Video]

    Purchase from Beatport Watch ‘Rogue Industries – I’m Not Skrillex – Interview With Rednek Competition Time! Look out for the deliberate mistake in the video… Email your answer to championrecordslondon@gmail.com for your chance to win a Rednek prize bundle including a Rednek t-shirt, signed poster, copy of the EP and forth coming material along with other goodies! http://www.facebook.com/rogueindustries http://twitter.com/rogueind http://www.youtube.com/user/RogueIndustriesTV —————————————————————– http://www.facebook.com/OfficialRednek http://twitter.com/OfficialRednek http://www.youtube.com/TheOfficialRednek http://www.rednek.co.uk Thank You: ARTWORK – nicholas.yochum@gmail.com VIDEO – tayo@perpetualarts.co.uk TOXICO 1000GRMS PIONEERDJ – http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/44/1992/34209/DDJ-T1/index.html?gclid=CMOQp… FOCUSRITE – […]

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  • Skrillex “First of the Year” (Equinox) [Official Video]

    Skrillex “First of the Year” (Equinox) [Official Video]

    OMG! Skrillex‘s first Official Video for his tune “First of the Year (Equinox)” on the “More Monsters & Sprites EP” is absolutely epic. I was a bit disturbed when I first started watching this video because it goes where no other music video I have ever seen went before, into the dark taboo world of Pedophilia. If any parent is against Dubstep this video will surely convince them otherwise. I love  the fact that this video slipped the script and […]

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  • SKRILLEX @ Hard Summer Festival 2011

    SKRILLEX @ Hard Summer Festival 2011

    SKRILLEX @ Hard Summer Festival 2011 facebook.com/​pheosiafilms Tracks Featured: 1) Nero – Promises (Skrillex & Nero remix) 2) Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Skrillex remix) 3) Skrillex – First Of The Year (Restless Remix) 4) Skrillex – Cinema Live mixed with new unreleased track Filmed by: Francis Lazaro & Paul Digges Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms LIKE USS!!!!!

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  • WOMP! (Summer 2011) Official Video [JON ZOMBIE]

    WOMP! (Summer 2011) Official Video [JON ZOMBIE]

    Check out the “Million View Man” newest video at ‬

WOMP (no association) at the Oakland Metro Opera House. I used to throw and film Metal/Punk shows at the old Meto House which is around the corner from the new one which is 10 times larger and not ghetto like the Airliner. The homie Jon Zombie does a fantastic job of capturing the vibe of the party and shows all the beautiful people especially the ladies. It fascinates me to see […]

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  • Global Dance Festival 2011 [Video]

    Global Dance Festival 2011 [Video]

    I am glad to see Joosbox TV back on the scene with an extended recap of the Global Dance Festival at the monumental Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. I personally have never been but after seeing this video i feel the need to go. The yearly Global Dance Festival 2011 takes place at the iconic venue of Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado on July 14-16th. With some amazing performances by: Kid Cudi, Empire of the Sun, Skrillex, Nero, LMFAO, Major […]

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  • SLUGGO | Unreleased!

    SLUGGO | Unreleased!

    Promo of Sluggo…all the video i have of him compiled and edited into this video, enjoy! Hometown: Phoenix Record Label: Ultragore, SubHuman, Play ME facebook.com/​slugstep Featured Artists: -Skrillex -Downlink -Bare -Borgore -Flinch -Mark Instinct -JPaul from HavocNdeed -Terravita -We Bang -Risky Business -Klepto Maddox all booking inquiries, please contact Mike Puliz: mike@circle-management.com aim: detn8orevents Filmed & Edited by: Francis Lazaro A PheosiA Films Production facebook.com/​pheosiafilms

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  • Skrillex “Rock n Roll” [Music Video]

    Skrillex “Rock n Roll” [Music Video]

    Just released is Skrillex‘s new music video for “Rock n Roll” by NYC crew One & Only Productions and Orange County’s Cru Jones. This video is a mini documentary of Skrillex‘s US Tour over the past 8 months and only a glimpse of what his life on the road is like. There are a volley of cameos from every all-star in the Electronic Dance music scene from all over the world. Buy this track http://atlr.ec/jC1zTB. Directed by Jason Ano for […]

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  • Eshin “New Generation” [Free Mix]

    Eshin “New Generation” [Free Mix]

    Hailing from Crooklyn, NYC DJ Eshin is the co-owner of Profound Audio an American BASS label. With over a decade of experience in the Drum & Bass scene and now the exploding evolving Dubstep scene DJ Eshin is pushing the underground sound. His latest mix “New Generation” is a reflection of his label with tunes from Rob Sparx, Monstar and the homegrown allstars including Skirllex, Flinch, and FS who are changing the BASS game. New Genration   TRACKLISTING: Chi & […]

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