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  • Rusko “Everyday” (Netsky Remix) [Rene Macias]

    Rusko “Everyday” (Netsky Remix) [Rene Macias]

    Rene Macias an action Videographer known for his work with Bboys and Trickers sent me this amazing piece of art he created the other day and I just had to share it with all of you. You may have come across his 12th Planet + SPL “Lootin’ 92″ remix video he did with the Creative Form Crew back in January 2012. This time around Rene and his partner Javier flip the streets literally in their remix video of Netsky’s remix […]

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  • The Others “First Flight” [Official Video]

    The Others “First Flight” [Official Video]

    The Others’ prolific work rate and consistently high quality output has made him the most released artist on Dub Police and an integral part of the label, so we are proud to announce that he is returning once again with a brand new six track EP for the label, ‘First Flight’. Opening the EP is title track ‘First Flight’, a fiery rave mutation for the bass generation that plays the ecstatic synth lines off against a snarling beast of a […]

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  • Tim Ismag “Neverland EP” [Play Me]

    Tim Ismag “Neverland EP” [Play Me]

    It seems what ever Tim Ismag touches is FIYA and his “Neverland EP” on Play Me Records will sear your ears. The six track EP features a remix from Belgian artist Subdue on the tune “Girlfriend”. Each track is huge in its own right with a great flow from one to the next. Ballin is a habit At the begining of the flow is an intercontinental trip to China with “Shanghai Flight”. The the Ryuichi Sakamoto style keys translates in […]

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  • Respect: Skynet [1.13.11]

    Respect: Skynet [1.13.11]

    Thursday night Los Angeles Drum & Bass. Time for another hit!!!!! Beatmakers in the place and on display for this one!!!!!!! Good to see all the Junglettes inside havin’ a great time shakin’ it off!!!!! Old School, New School, True School heads in the place all gettin’ down Gettin’ fresh=Vicky Vomit!!!!! From the buildings to the beach, SKYNET!!!!!!! Steady rockin’ the heat for the streets!!!!! -Regal D

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