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  • Protohype “Hear No Evil EP” [Firepower]

    Protohype “Hear No Evil EP” [Firepower]

    On 4th June, Protohype will make his return to Firepower Records with the second installment of the ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’ trilogy. Having launched the series with ‘See No Evil’ back in March, next up is ‘Hear No Evil’, which continues Protohype’s exploration of the different facets of his productions as he constructs bass music in its multifarious forms. Blending dubstep, hip hop, drum & bass and more across the EP, he brings these diverse […]

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  • ShockOne ft. Metrik + Kyza “Lazerbeam” [Viper]

    ShockOne ft. Metrik + Kyza “Lazerbeam” [Viper]

    Ever since storming onto the scene with the fast-paced ‘Polygon’ and the innovative Dubstep anthem ‘Adachigahara’s Theme’ in 2009, ShockOne become an undisputed force in the EDM arena. Dominating charts, raves and airwaves alike, as well as picking up YouTube hits by the millions on tracks such as ‘Crucify Me’ and ‘Relapse’, the Australian-born Karl Thomas has built up a huge fanbase as well as support from influential industry tastemakers such as: Triple J, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Pendulum, Knife […]

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  • An-Ten-Nae “Raindrops On Roses” [Muti Music]

    An-Ten-Nae “Raindrops On Roses” [Muti Music]

    After a decade of groundbreaking Acid Crunk compilations and EPs and millions of downloads, An-ten-nae finally releases his debut album. “Raindrops on Roses” features 13 new tunes that see him pushing his Acid Crunk sound into new frontiers whilst still keeping his signature 808 bass-heavy low end that is now sweeping the Dance world. When creating this album, An-ten-nae set out to make something that would stand a test of time, and not just a collection of beats that will expire in a month or two […]

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  • Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Fleur “One In A Million” [Official Video]

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Fleur “One In A Million” [Official Video]

    Available to pre-order now: http://smarturl.it/oiam Like Drumsound & Bassline Smith:http://www.facebook.com/drumsoundandb… Follow Drumsound & Bassline Smith:https://twitter.com/dnblinesmith Drumsound & Bassline Smith – One In A Million (Ft. Fleur) is released 5th May on New State Music. Their Wall Of Sound LIVE show debuts on 23rd April at London’s XOYO: http://xoyo.co.uk/2013/02/08/drumsoun… http://www.newstatemusic.com

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  • Alix Perez ft Sam Wills “Annie’s Song” [Official Video]

    Alix Perez ft Sam Wills “Annie’s Song” [Official Video]

    Having teased us with a free download in recent weeks it’s time to present the real deal, the first official single taken from the brand new album from the unstoppable, wholly original, Alix Perez. Having laid his foundations firmly within drum & bass over the past eight years it was his debut LP back in 2009 that set a precedent for his musical ambition, being one of the first producers to really embrace the crossing of the genres; ‘1984’ astounded critics […]

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  • Ayah Marar  ft. P Money “Alive” [Official Video]

    Ayah Marar ft. P Money “Alive” [Official Video]

    ‘Alive’ is the fourth single off Ayah Marar’s debut album ‘The Real’. Championed by the likes of Q Magazine (four stars), Dazed Digital, Attitude, Mixmag, Timeout and The Sun who have labeled her the “dubstep queen”. This single is Ayah’s first foray back into dubstep after her ’Follow U’ release with Yogi on Ministry of Sound. Having been a fan of both Funtcase and P Money, this seemed the perfect time to bring them together. Big,bashy, dark and very unafraid, Ayah’s penchant for unusual collaborations means that her tracks span a variety of genres making them relevant to an […]

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  • Zedd Ft. Foxes “Clarity” (Buzzwak Remix)

    Zedd Ft. Foxes “Clarity” (Buzzwak Remix)

    This tune was sent to me today from none other than Buzzwak themselves. We get a lot of submissions here at Womp TV and we do not always get through all of them but, this tune stood out from the others and we had to post it up for everyone to listen and download. Buzzwak did an amazing remix job on Zedd’s “Clairty” featuring the vocals of Foxes.   Buzzwak Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • TOKiMONSTA ft. MNDR “Go With It” [Ultra]

    TOKiMONSTA ft. MNDR “Go With It” [Ultra]

    Most recently, TOKiMONSTA, the Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer/beatmaker, jolted mainstream dance fans into hip-hop’s avant-garde with the psychedelic adventure of her first music video for Ultra Music, ”The Force” featuring Kool Keith. Now, TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) has teamed with MNDR on “Go With It,” her new single out this week.  Both “The Force” and “Go With It” appear on her new studio album HALF SHADOWS that’s set for release April 2, with the video for “Go With It,” filmed recently at Los Angeles’ Low End Theory, to be made available soon. TOKiMONSTA Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • Fourward “Aftermath EP” [Audioporn]

    Fourward “Aftermath EP” [Audioporn]

    Following on from the ballooning success of their last release on AudioPorn – the five-track genre-spanning EP “All That Matters” – Austrian group Fourward are back with another scintillating offering set to cement their rapidly growing reputation as one of the most technically adept quartet of artists working within electronic music today. A set of signature Fourward beats that display in full their fine-tuned, simple-yet-complex approach to music production, with support already from BBC Radio 1Xtra’s head-honcho Crissy Criss and features on Friction’s flagship […]

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  • Zimo “War Machines EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    Zimo “War Machines EP” [Heavy Artillery]

    ,VocalsZimo is back and shaking suckers silly with monstrous beats that just don’t stop….ever!!! Zimo joins forces with Jarvis (UK) and Spacekid bringing the madness straight to the frontline with 3 amazing dancefloor smashers that’ll annihilate your senses! Big and bashy head nodding bassline business on this EP, get your neck ready! Zimo Facebook Soundcloud Youtube

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  • Veranda Panda ft. Jess Sole “Two In The Same” [Official Video]

    Veranda Panda ft. Jess Sole “Two In The Same” [Official Video]

    Who is Verand Panda you might be asking yourself and until they submitted this video to me I never heard of them. Veranda Panda is a live electronic duo from South Africa simliar to Dysphemic and Miss Eliza the violin comes into play although not as dramatic. Their Bass and Violin combination  brings the bounce to the southern tip of Africa with influences of Hip Hop, Jazz, and Funk. Production: Sandcastle Studios Concept Story: Sandcastle Studios and Veranda Panda Direction: […]

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  • Koven “More Than You” [Official Video]

    Koven “More Than You” [Official Video]

    Released in March on Viper Recordings. Become a fan of Koven: http://www.facebook.com/KOVENUK Follow Koven on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOVENuk Koven ‘More Than You’ 1. More Than You (Radio Edit) 2. More Than You (DC Breaks Remix) 3. More Than You (Extended Mix) 4. No Blocks Label: Viper Recordings Cat# VPR051 Genre: Dubstep Released: March 2013 Subscribe to Viper YouTube: http://bit.ly/ViperChannelSubscribe Become a fan of Viper Recordings:http://www.facebook.com/viperrecordings Follow Viper Recordings on Twitter:https://twitter.com/ViperRecordings ———- Director & Editor – Nezih Savaskan: http://www.redhavoc.co.uk Production Assistant – Idil Savaskan (c) 2013 […]

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  • Rednek “50 Shades of Red EP” [Play Me]

    Rednek “50 Shades of Red EP” [Play Me]

    It has been a long time coming and Play Me Records is proud to support REDNEK’s new EP, “50 Shades of Red”. The EP boasts an onslaught of heavy bass and massive drops, from tuff dubbed beats to anthemic dance floor demolishers. REDNEK also features Terry Coldwell, Zuz Rock, Son Of Selah, Stormin and Ratpack to showcase their talents. Rednek has immediately become the talk of the industry. What sets Rednek apart from other artists is that he performs his […]

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  • Mark Instinct “Bad Seed”

    Mark Instinct “Bad Seed”

    “Bad Seed” was featured in Excision Shambala 2012 mix and people were fiending for it since. Well get your fix now because this track is now available to you for free! Mark Instinct the bad seed smokes weed till his eyes bleed and produces bass smashing beats until his ears bleed. New breed I’m the bad seed Mark Instinct Facebook Twitter Soundcloud  

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  • Mr Joseph “Floating Island EP” [Liquid V]

    Mr Joseph “Floating Island EP” [Liquid V]

    A big follower and contributor to the Drum and Bass scene since the early 90′s, Mr Joseph has been involved in production ever since he started his own label in 2008. After the release of ‘Sexy Lady’, So High’ and ‘Beautiful Girl’ on his very own Fizzy Beats, Mr Joseph soon found himself with support from respected DJ’s such as Bailey, Fabio and Grooverider, Marcus Intalex and LTJ Bukem. After getting tracks signed to prestigious labels such as Good Looking, […]

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  • The Upbeats “Diffused” [Official Video]

    The Upbeats “Diffused” [Official Video]

    The Upbeats latest music video for their new track “Diffused” which is out today on Vision Recordings is a trippy tribal graphic masterpiece. Tobias Edwards did an extraordinary job of creating an abstract shamanistic story to accompany The Upbeats’ womping tune. The Upbeats Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Become a fan of Vision Recordings:https://www.facebook.com/VisionRecordings Directed by Tobias Edwards http://www.defnative.com

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  • Celldweller “I Can’t Wait” (RIOT 87 Remix)

    Celldweller “I Can’t Wait” (RIOT 87 Remix)

    RIOT 87 launched at the height of Psytrance’s hold on electronic dance music and quickly became a top EDM act in their native Serbia. After discovering FiXT and the hybrid stylings of Celldweller and Blue Stahli in 2009, they undertook a transformation. They now emerge having wholly evolved into a metalstep juggernaut, fusing together giant metal riffs and punishing Dubstep/Drum’N’Bass beats. RIOT 87′s take on a classic horror film theme is followed by six brand new, never-before-heard remixes of Celldweller, […]

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  • ill-esha “Making Friends At Altitude” (Mini Mix)

    ill-esha “Making Friends At Altitude” (Mini Mix)

    The “Imaginary Friends” 6-track EP was released on Muti Music on November 1st and is a painted sonic daydream of wishful thinking and intention. The product of years of self-induced solitude, this was the love I always wanted to have in my life and it was my sole way of expressing it to others from the depths of the studio. “Altitude Sickness” is a brand new, 4-track unreleased EP written as a love letter to the state of Colorado and […]

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  • Wilkinson ft. iman “Need To Know” [Tour Video]

    Wilkinson ft. iman “Need To Know” [Tour Video]

    ‘Need To Know’ gets you into the mood with rolling jungle breaks and strummed guitars that pave the way for Iman’s beautiful vocals. And by the time Wilkinson unleashes his euphoric bassline and infectious melodies you’re begging for the release. Moving and progressing throughout, Wilkinson creates a stunningly simple but undeniably catchy track that will sound perfect on the dancefloor, over the radio or cranked up on your home stereo. This one has ‘Anthem’ stamped all over it!   Wilkinson Facebook  Twitter Iman Facebook […]

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  • Random Movement & Technimatic Remixes [Rubik Records]

    Random Movement & Technimatic Remixes [Rubik Records]

    On the heels of multiple mega releases on Rubik and labels like Shogun Audio, Innerground, and Spearhead to name a few, we are proud to present our next 12″ single on Rubik Records featuring the mighty Technimatic and Random Movement! The a-side features Random Movement on remix duties, as he flips the script on one of our biggest tunes to date, Technicolour & Komatic’s ‘Vermillion’! Adding some smacking drums, deep and rolling basslines, and chopping up the original vocal work […]

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  • Concord Dawn ft. Nina McSweeney “The River” [Official Video]

    Concord Dawn ft. Nina McSweeney “The River” [Official Video]

    This creepy video sat in my draft queue for over a week now because I have been so busy with the holiday which just passed I did not get a chance to write anything about it so, here I am now catching up. The Kiwi Concord Dawn’s new music video for “The River” featuring the vocals of Nina McSweeny is a visual masterpiece of New Zealand’s majestic landscape, Peter Jackson would be proud. The grimey grinding bassline juxtaposed with Nina’s lyrical prose dance together […]

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