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  • I Am Robot “Frogs, Airports, and an Ocarina” [Heavy Artillery]

    I Am Robot “Frogs, Airports, and an Ocarina” [Heavy Artillery]

    With their latest release on Heavy Artillery Recording the dastardly duo I am Robot is giving away some free tunes. This Nintendo inspired ragga infused island dub tune is full of feel good vibes perfectly chilling on a beach blazing up a doobie doobie doo. The Zelda vocal sample from Ocarina of Time is stellar and blends seamlessly and accents t he vibe. Hey, Listen   Released by: Heavy Artillery Recordings  Release date: Mar 14, 2012 Follow I Am Robot: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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  • The Legend of Zelda (Gangsta Fun Remix)

    The Legend of Zelda (Gangsta Fun Remix)

    Gangsta Fun continues to remix classic 8 bit video game theme songs into proper Drum & Bass remixes. The nostalgia of these tunes brings back a lot of memories for me and I am sure for many others. The best part of it all it is free!

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  • Nostalgia “THE HERO” [Motiongraff 13]

    Nostalgia “THE HERO” [Motiongraff 13]

    The team over at MOTIONGRAFF has done it again with another dope stop-motion animation this time to Nostalgia‘s “The Hero” on Play Me Too. “The Hero” is a homage to 8-bit Nintendo music but, with the filthy basslines we all love. I now know why Nostalgia is Nostalgia because he brings out the memories of countless hours on the Nintendo playing Zelda all day and night from when you were a kid. The Motiongraff team must have felt the same […]

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